ta ta for now!

I'm off to England tonight with my mom and sister to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday!! SO excited for adventures in England with my favorite ladies. I studied abroad in London my junior year of college so I can't wait to show my sister around my old neighborhood. Hard to believe it was over 8 … [Read more...]

monday vibes.

Feeling refreshed after most of last week away from the office in Scottsdale for a work conference. It's amazing what some nice weather does to your mood :) I was so thankful to have Friday morning to relax after 2 days of work events -- I'm reading the book Bringing Up Bébé and LOVE … [Read more...]

blackberry farm design.

I've talked about Blackberry Farm before {here} as it's in my TOP places to visit someday. It's in Walland, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains. My parents have gone a few times for their anniversary and anytime they've sent pictures I JUST DIE. It's SO gorgeous. I'm not surprised that it's … [Read more...]

charleston recap.

Charleston was the most charming city! We stayed downtown at The Planter's Inn. It was such a quaint, adorable & traditionally designed hotel. An amazing oasis for our time down South. I loved the cute teddy bears on the beds, the breakfast in the courtyard + coconut cake from their Peninsula … [Read more...]

charleston bound.

Happy FRIDAY!!! I'm so excited to be heading to Charleston for a girls trip with my mom & sister. We have a packed agenda thanks to my mom & sister's amazing planning skills. I'm not totally sure we will get to it all {there is SO much to see - and EAT!} but I could not be more ready … [Read more...]

j.k. place capri.

Happy Friday!! It's been a whirlwind of a week traveling to Utah & back in just a few short days. It was a great work event with some gorgeous mountain views {only wish we had more time in the adorable town of Park City!} I wanted to share some photos of the beautiful & iconic J.K. Place … [Read more...]

what to do, see & eat in ravello.

I've started and stopped writing this post about what to do in Ravello about 10 times already. And a Capri travel diary a million times more than that. When tragic things happen in your life that take you by surprise you feel a little silly, a little guilty {and still really sad} continuing on … [Read more...]

bay weekend.

Some highlights from our weekend at my best friend Brooke's Bay house in Maryland. We had the most amazing weekend catching up with college friends. We celebrated a birthday {with Momofuku Milk Bar cake!}, played pool beer pong {Brooke bought this floating beer pong table // it was SO clutch … [Read more...]

nantucket dream home.

Turns out my Nantucket dream home is also where Kourtney Kardashian and family vacationed on Nantucket this year. Wouldn't ya know!? Photos via Conde Naste Traveler & Airbnb // it's like, so affordable {JK it's $6,628 a night via … [Read more...]

amalfi coast, i love you.

I'm finally getting around to the hundreds of photos we took on our real camera from our Italy trip so I wanted to share some of the Amalfi Coast! We have a Canon Rebel T3 with 18-55 mm lense // here - it's an older version so I'm sure the T6 would be the way to go nowadays. One day when … [Read more...]