time to bash: keeping in touch

ain't that the truth though? after a little break... time to bash is back! i (blair from fashionista fairytales) have been a busy little bee these past few weeks. from working on the effortless chic to assisting on different photo shoots (one including styling joey fatone from nsync! eeks!) it has … [Read more...]

time to bash: boys with beards

as much as i (blair) love fashion, interior design, rockin' recipes, and all the necessities that make up the perfect pinterest boards... i am leaving out one of my very important interests. boys with beards. i know that moustaches have become a trend lately... you can literally find any item with … [Read more...]

french fancy.

Check out my post on fashionista fairytales today on Some Statement Stuff. It's inspiration is from this French chair that I very much fancy. It was in the lobby of our hotel in Aix en Provence, Le Pigonnet. Isn't it lovely? Have a great weekend, Ashley … [Read more...]

Time to Bash: ways to beat the blues.

Blair & I are officially back with Time to Bash :) hi sparkle sensers! blair checkin in with ya from fashionista fairytales. is it just me or are you sad to say see ya to the summer? fall is sneaking up on all of us... which means one thing: the flood of camp college tweets, instagrams, … [Read more...]

Time to Bash: Flower Crowns

hi bash babes, it's blair from fashionista fairytales! if you are like me... you are still getting back to reality after a long & wonderful fourth of july weekend. i just got back to california from my trip back to the midwest... what a bittersweet feeling! there were a few times i accidentally … [Read more...]

Time to Bash: Red + White + Blue

Hi Friends, Happy Friday! It's Blair from It's Time to Bash here... I am currently attempting to pack up my Californian lifestyle in one suitcase. Tomorrow, I am off to the good ol' Midwest to celebrate my favorite holiday... the fourth of July! What could be better than good friends + family, … [Read more...]

time to bash.

I am excited to announce two things: 1. Sparkle Sense is officially sparklesenseblog.com 2. I am collaborating with the adorable Blair from Fashionista Fairytales as "Time to Bash" -- Blair + Ash :) Time To Bash will be on Sparkle Sense & Fashionista Fairytales alternating every Friday. Check … [Read more...]