the tot.

I came across the CUTEST kids site called The Tot & had to share for all your baby & toddler NEEDS :) Since becoming a Mom I think for days about a purchase for myself but for about .1 seconds for anything for Harper {am I right?! haha!} The Milkbarn brand has the sweetest organic … [Read more...]

cuddle + kind.

I wanted to share this adorable gift I received from one our best family friends {Thanks Cathy!} for Harper. It's a knitted puppy {with a flower crown, I mean does it get cuter?!} but the best thing is that the company cuddle + kind provides food for children for every doll they sell. 1 doll = … [Read more...]

two months.

It's hard to believe that Miss Harper is 2 months old {as of yesterday!} - honestly it seems like it's flown by but also that she's been with us forever if that makes any sense :) Some of her nicknames include Harps, HP, Harpy, Missy, Sweetie, Angel, Pumpkin, Peanut... the list goes on, haha. … [Read more...]


Harper had a couple FIRSTS this week :) It was her first time in NYC, a truly big thing in her little world. Richard has a pretty crazy schedule some weeks {aka leaving the apartment at 5am and getting home at 9pm} but one perk is that when he has days off sometimes they land in the middle of the … [Read more...]

first month favorites.

Miss Harper is officially 5 weeks today and I've rounded up our 10 favorite baby products from the first month. If you aren't in baby world you'll probably want to skip this post :) There are SO many products out there, it's pretty overwhelming but I've found it helpful to get advice from … [Read more...]

sweater weather.

Last week we had a couple chilly mornings -- Fall is coming & I'm pretty happy about it :) I love sweater weather. Richard took last week and this week off for vacation so we've had some lovely morning strolls & breakfast or lunch outside with Harper. I wore this Nordstrom sweater and … [Read more...]

all of the pink.

Quick post checking in today! Wow time is flying I cannot believe our sweetie pie is 3 weeks old today. It's been the best kind of whirlwind and I can't imagine life before our little Harper. Her wardrobe is growing thanks to some extremely thoughtful family & friends. Especially loving … [Read more...]


We have a baby girl!!! Miss Harper Paige Hajjar was born August 3rd at 3:11pm - we've never been so in love and have been soaking up all of her sweet newborn snuggles. It's crazy how much we love and adore this little girl -- we just sit and watch her sleep and couldn't be happier … [Read more...]

mini fashion.

I wanted to share a few cute kids brands that are "new to me" for all you mommies out there {or those of you who want to make sure your nieces, nephews, grandchildren or friends' kids are styling!} I promise not to TOTALLY go all baby on my blog posts but with my due date 2 weeks away it's hard … [Read more...]