I came across this app called trendabl by reading the lovely miss Laura's blog, House of Charms. It's similar to Instagram but it's all fashion based: a community to share & discover fashion. You can collect items that you like & shop as well. I've already found some inspiration in the … [Read more...]

french fancy.

Check out my post on fashionista fairytales today on Some Statement Stuff. It's inspiration is from this French chair that I very much fancy. It was in the lobby of our hotel in Aix en Provence, Le Pigonnet. Isn't it lovely? Have a great weekend, Ashley … [Read more...]

Wedding Wednesday

We celebrated our one month anniversary last night at the beach! I brought Kronenbourg 1664 beer {in my suitcase... in bubblewrap} because it was what we drank on our honeymoon in France, some of our wedding logo napkins that I got as a gift in 3 colors {thanks, Kim!} & our place cards from the … [Read more...]

weekend recap.

I successfully made it to Grenada! Had some of my Cincy favorites before I left & had a beautiful weekend with my husband. I also made this homemade granola again yesterday, it never disappoints. Officially starting my new j o b this week {working remotely until we are in … [Read more...]

Time to Bash: ways to beat the blues.

Blair & I are officially back with Time to Bash :) hi sparkle sensers! blair checkin in with ya from fashionista fairytales. is it just me or are you sad to say see ya to the summer? fall is sneaking up on all of us... which means one thing: the flood of camp college tweets, instagrams, … [Read more...]

Wedding Wednesday

Pictures from the bridesmaids luncheon that my cousins & aunt threw for me the day before our wedding! It was my dreamland. The light pink stripes & mint green theme went with our wedding. And a tea party? I mean, I was dying. You'll see why. Amazing, right? Everything … [Read more...]

pretty in pink.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that I finally wore my "honeymoon" swim suit that I've been saving :) It's Miu Miu {I got it for my birthday!} I can't find it available in pink anymore but you can find it on Net-a-Porter in black & yellow. Click here. I posted about this suit … [Read more...]

my other bag.

Let me start by saying how much I love "My Other Bag" -- I got three of them as gifts for my girlfriends involved in our wedding {see photo of me with two of them below} I tried to explain it's use {reusable bag} by putting flowers & a baguette in the bag so they knew it's to use at the … [Read more...]

Wedding Wednesday

A few photos of the welcome party during our wedding weekend extravaganza! It was "Under the Sea" themed because I like {okay, LOVE} mermaids :) Everything was absolutely perfect, from the decor to the food to the company {especially the company!} I literally have … [Read more...]

honeymoon highlights: part three

Final highlights from our honeymoon in Provence's Luberon region. We visited Bonnieux, Lacoste & Roussillon. Xx, Ashley … [Read more...]