the merriest.

It was truly the Merriest Christmas yet with our sweet Harper’s first Christmas & Baptism on Christmas Day.

We were also so lucky to be able to share the holiday with both of our families this year. Richard’s mom and brothers came to Cincy & we couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate {besides having my sister-in-law & her fam come from Florida but thankfully we get to see them soon!} Miss Harper is incredibly blessed!

Harper’s welcome to Cincy…

I had a night out with my best girlfriends and we did an ornament exchange. I love the gift tags I ordered this year from this Etsy shop.

^Harper helping me get ready – my precious little peanut.

Harper also used them to gift the girls in the fam pink fuzzy socks 🙂

My mom always has the best Christmas decor and this year was no different – the theme was pink Christmas!

A few photos from our family Christmas party & Christmas Eve…

Pink sparkle skirt here // graphic tee from Anthro – they have tons of really cute French inspired ones! Can’t find my exact one but I love all of the below – browse them here.

Pics from Christmas Day & Harper’s Baptism…

God Bless Harper Paige!

Adorable cookies by Cookies by Lizzie & the cake was from Bonbonerie.

Her Godmother, my sister Paige, got Harper the sweetest silver rattle with the date of her Baptism and monogram & my brother and his girlfriend got her the cutest little bracelet – both from Richter & Phillips.

Harper’s Godfather Dylan drew us this adorable & hilarious drawing.

My parents had this Inslee ornament hand painted for Harper – isn’t it GORGEOUS!?

Harper wore the Hajjar Christening gown that was worn by her late grandfather George – pretty amazing and so so special!

We’ll never forget her first Christmas and baptism with our families. It was extremely intimate and the church was beautifully decorated.

She changed into her Christmas dress which was from Nini that she had Harper Paige stitched into the back of.

The dress was absolutely stunning! She found it at a boutique in NYC called Spring Flowers.

& finally a pink PJ party for the girls — my mom got all the girls these PJs & slippers from the Gap. The slippers are still available on sale here if you need to treat yourself to something super cozy & warm this January 🙂

Cheers! xx

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