baby it’s cold outside.

With a couple snowfalls in the past week we had to find a way to bundle up Miss Harper Paige — EVERYONE has these 7AM Enfant bubble blankets in Hoboken.

Hoboken families {or NYC / Chicago} are constantly walking around with strollers & are on the move with their bundles of joy…

{as opposed to being in and out of the car in the ‘burbs!}

Harper’s is the metallic lilac.

They last through the toddler years so we HAD to get one. Comes in a bunch of colors options here & a few linked below!

Here’s what it looks like on the stroller {image via}… we have ours on our Uppababy Cruz and still have the hood on the stroller as well.

Her sweet Harper hat is from Mary’s Crafty Corner Etsy shop!

Harper’s is this one with ballerinas but in pink & white. She makes tons of adorable patterns in many color options.

We are gearing up for our journey to Cincinnati later this week & can’t wait for all the Christmas fun with our friends & family! Stay warm! xx

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