first month favorites.

Miss Harper is officially 5 weeks today and I’ve rounded up our 10 favorite baby products from the first month. If you aren’t in baby world you’ll probably want to skip this post 🙂

There are SO many products out there, it’s pretty overwhelming but I’ve found it helpful to get advice from various moms, do some research and then it’s trial and error. I’m sure Harper’s preferences will keep on changing but so far these are our favorite products from her first month.

1. Uppababy Stroller – we love our stroller. There are SO many strollers on the market but we really love the Uppababy Cruz. The Vista version comes with a bassinet which we heard from a lot of people that they never used. The Vista also can be converted to a 2 seater but we just aren’t in that mindset yet so we wanted to focus on a single baby stroller 🙂 We have the Uppababy Infant Snugseat and it works perfectly even for our tiny little peanut.

2. Dockatot – this is by far Harper’s favorite baby product. She naps like a little angel in the Dockatot. I think because her arms get restricted it mimics the safe feeling of being in the womb.

3. Halo Bedside Bassinet – Harper sleeps in the bedside bassinet at night and having her in our room {literally right next to me} gives us such peace of mind being able to basically be sleeping with her but allowing her own space and safety. It also helps to have your baby sleep on a flat surface for the transition to their crib {that is, if they will! I know lots of babies hate the flat surface}

4. The Owlet – our pediatrician even told us that we didn’t need this product and that it was for anxious parents butttt that’s us. Haha, being new parents you just want to make sure your baby is safe so the Owlet has been awesome. It’s absolutely not necessary but being able to check her heart rate and oxygen levels at night is so nice and gives such peace of mind. She doesn’t mind the little Owlet sock and it comes with various sizes as she grows. I think we will especially love this when she gets older and she’s in her own room & crib at night.

5. The Ubbi Diaper Pail – with so many diapers we’ve absolutely loved this diaper pail for concealing smell and it’s just so easy to pop open the top to throw diapers in.

6. Baby Bum Stick – this was a recommendation from a friend and is CLUTCH for applying diaper cream so you don’t get your hands dirty {we use Aquaphor and have used Desitin a couple times when she’s had a little more irritation}

7. Solly Baby Wrap — highly recommend a baby wrap. Solly has some great color options and the material is so soft. I’ve followed the easy online tutorials on how to put it on and Harper loves being in it. Most babies love them because they’re close to mom and feel snug and secure.

8. Baby Bjorn Bouncer — when Harper is awake this is the one product she really likes to “hang out” in — when they’re really little you just bounce it with your foot. As they get bigger you can put it in a different position so they can bounce themselves.

9. Swaddle Me swaddles — there are a million swaddles out there. Harper loves the Swaddle Me because you can swaddle hands in or out. She loves her hands so most of the time we swaddle hands out. We also like the Swaddle Up.

10. The First Year American Red Cross Kit – this is $20 and we’ve already used almost every item in it already. It has nail file, little baby brush, thermometer, etc. GET IT!

A few other items: Babyganics body wash and wipes, Munchkin changing pad liners {so helpful to catch any accidents before having to wash the changing pad cover a million times!}, Little Giraffe hooded towels are so soft for bathtime, The ToteSavvy insert for your purse – this makes any purse a diaper bag, MAM pacifiers and bottles, and if you are pregnant I highly recommend using almond oil for avoiding stretch marks. I used it every morning and evening and have gotten away without any stretch marks! Who knows if I just got lucky but I’m going to say it was the almond oil.

If you are breastfeeding / pumping the Spectra was the best one that I tried {a story I won’t get too into but unfortunately this was a big challenge that didn’t end up working for me — lots of difficulty and tears BUT if I was going to keep pumping, I would have kept using the Spectra!}

A few things I’m surprised she doesn’t love: The Rock n Play {I KNOW! Everyone raves about this — she doesn’t not like it she just gets a little fussy. Maybe once she gets a little older and bigger!?} and The Podster {again maybe when she has more awake time but right now she’s not the biggest fan}

I hope this helps for any moms to be working on their registry list 🙂

I know it’s all objective and every baby is different but these are the things that have worked for us so far.

Have a good one! xx

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