nursery update + framing wallpaper.

Happy Monday!! I’m finally over my cold and feeling like a new person after making some updates to the nursery this weekend. It was one of those lingering projects that we just needed to rip the bandaid off and work on.

Our little nursery was being used as an office so we had to spend some time moving Richard’s desk which we found a new home for in the corner of our apartment.

From there, Richard built the changing table dresser. This was a PROJECT. I think the reviews said it took one guy 90 minutes. It legit took 5-6 hours. He was a CHAMP. And it looks amazing. But wow, it was an all day event.

The next project was framing the wallpaper. I’ve had the Manuel Canovas wallpaper for months {I ended up ordering it from MyInteriorsOnline because this Etsy shop has a 2 roll minimum, I literally needed 3 pieces and it was cheaper. I still have pretty much an entire roll leftover} Someday I hope to use it again, I think it could be really cute wallpapered on a ceiling.

It’s an idea that’s been in my head for months so I was honestly pretty nervous about starting it – I had no idea if it was going to look good or not.

After measuring the wall and deciding on 3 frames + the size I ordered frames from Ikea – they were back ordered multiple times so I ended up cancelling and ordering these 24×36 cheap frames from Amazon. I should have just gone to Amazon to begin with, you really can’t beat it. I also ordered the foam board from Amazon.

^all of these items were ordered from Home Depot.

The first step was figuring out the wallpaper paste – because I was only using it for a couple pieces I had to figure out how much water + mix to use. This was comical, I felt like I was in grade school science class but with Alexa’s help I figured out the proportions.

I then cut the wallpaper a little larger than the foam board and used a brush to layer the wallpaper paste on the foam board. This is where I had to scream for Richard’s help because I couldn’t get the wallpaper to align correctly on the side.

He came to the rescue and helped me get it placed and wiggle it around until it was JUST right 🙂 He used the little smoothing tool to smooth the wallpaper and then we then let it dry for a few minutes before flipping the board over and using the exacto knife to cut off the excess paper. This was definitely a 2 person job. Make sure one is handy {ahem, Richard really saved the day, haha}

Someone recommended the foam board that is sticky on one side to eliminate the wallpaper paste but the only issue with that is that it was nice to be able to move the wallpaper around a little until it was positioned correctly. Richard did not love how particular I was on which hot air balloons were in each section 🙂 “Why do you care?!” — I wish I didn’t. I’m really good at directing. #bossy

We did this two more times and then put the boards into the white frames to dry for 24 hours {we didn’t use the cheap plexiglass that the frames came with}

We ended up hanging them on Sunday. Again, make sure someone is handy in this process. It took some time to get them straight, aligned and spaced correctly. Haha — basically, make sure you have a Richard.

I’m so happy with how it turned out! What do you think!? I’m calling it gender neutral 🙂 If it’s a girl we’ll throw in some pink. I personally think it works wonderfully for a little boy or little girl!

A perfect way to use wallpaper without the commitment {or if you live in a rental like us and don’t want to deal with having to take it off when you eventually move!} I actually think it makes the room look so much bigger. Such a weight has been lifted that we now have a space created for Baby H!!

I hope this inspires other people to DIY framed wallpaper – it’s definitely a project but we are loving the end result! xx


  1. Looks amazing! And so proud of your handiness! xo


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