monday vibes.

Feeling refreshed after most of last week away from the office in Scottsdale for a work conference. It’s amazing what some nice weather does to your mood 🙂

I was so thankful to have Friday morning to relax after 2 days of work events — I’m reading the book Bringing Up Bébé and LOVE it so far. It’s so interesting to read the differences that author Pamela Druckerman has observed in French parenting versus American parenting.


Some of it just simply could never be {I mean ONE SNACK a day! come on…} but it’s great to take bits and pieces of advice. I’m hoping I can get our baby to sleep like the little French bébés… through the night by month 3. #fingerscrossed


I’m glad I was able to be home for the weekend before starting off a new week — I went to the cutest 1st birthday party for Richard’s cousin’s little boy Miles on Saturday. Courtney has an adorable parenting blog called The Chirping Moms and always throws the cutest parties — definite mom goals!



Sunday ended with brunch with some girlfriends at Cafe Cluny before running errands and making it a priority to bake a pecan pie because pie > Superbowl.

Hope you have a fab week! xx




  1. ONE SNACK?! Um….. no. But cheers to sleeping through the night at 3 months!

    The Sarcastic Blonde

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