merry merry!

Merry Christmas Eve!!! I hope everyone has been enjoying the Christmas season.


^photo by Inslee // she has beautiful 2017 calendars available here!

I’ll be away from the blog for a few days to enjoy spending time with family & friends. It’s been so nice to be home. My mom always decorates so beautifully which makes the season feel that much more special. This year she has a blue and white table with touches of red.

We had a family Christmas party last night and the peppermint dessert bar was a hit 🙂

Looking forward to Christmas Eve & Day followed by a dinner next week at Sotto with our best family friends before heading back to the East Coast. We are really missing our cousins who are in Florida this year and I’m praying for anyone who is having a difficult Christmas. It’s not an easy time of year when you’ve lost an important person in your life. Here’s to a 2017 filled with more blessings than heartache. Cheers! xx

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