We had a low key weekend in Hoboken which was much needed 🙂 I was lucky that Richard got off work early on Sunday and we got to watch the Bengals at Zack’s and enjoy the gorgeous Fall day together.

I adore this pink ruffled sweater {find it here from Nordstrom!} and am living in these jeans + booties. Trying to live up these Fall days where jeans + sweaters are a thing.


We started watching This Is Us and I am obsessed!! One of my all time favorites is Parenthood {I miss my Adam & Crosby fix} — This Is Us has the same family oriented, heartwarming feel as Parenthood. If you’re thinking you aren’t into watching a show with Mandy Moore {guilty, that was my first thought} – ya gotta look past it because she’s actually really great in it!


And finally – LATELY the new Richter & Phillips store opened! If you are in Cincy you must go downtown 6th & Main to check out my family’s new store. It’s right across the street from the old location. I may be biased but it’s incredibly GORGEOUS!

I am so proud of my dad, uncle, grandpa and brother — and all of the dedicated & fabulous employees.

Richter & Phillips has been family run for generations and this new store took so much planning & hard work from so many – I’m so thrilled to see it come to life!


Cheers! xx

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