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Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!! Mine was a mix of busyness {I helped coordinate a wedding Friday night} and relaxation {I only left our apartment on Saturday once to go to barre + grocery shopping}

Aka the best kind of weekend, I’d like to think. Also, Happy October!


I wanted to go over some frequently asked questions about this blog that I haven’t addressed in awhile. I mainly get theses types of questions in person with family, friends or co-workers so I wanted to lay it all out there.


1. Why did you start a blog?

I started this blog in 2012 as a little side hobby when Richard {who was my boyfriend at the time} was going to Grenada for medical school. I was pretty scared that he was leaving to embark on this journey {that I would soon partake in!} and wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with all of my “alone” time.

How has it been 4 years?! One of my first posts is here — it’s hilarious looking back on this. I still agree with most things but WTF is that frog bracelet?!

I started it because I loved sharing the same things I do today – bits of fashion, design, travel and love. That much has stayed the same. But as much as it’s stayed the same, it’s also changed along with me. From living in Grenada, to planning a wedding to working in NYC. It will continue to change as life always does.

This quote was from one of my first posts. Still rings very true.

2. How did you pick the name sparkle sense?

We were sitting on Richard’s couch in the house he grew up in Ridgewood just after Christmas in 2011. I wanted a play on words and really liked the site Glitter Guide. I was going for a sparkly alliteration. I am 99% sure sparkle sense was Richard’s idea. Such a sparkly husband I have šŸ™‚

But seriously, without his support in pushing me to go for it, I would have definitely never started a blog. So much of who you choose to spend your life with determines who you become as a person. I firmly believe that. I have the most rock solid, loyal, genuine husband. He lifts me up everyday. How did I get to be so lucky? It was a romantic evening in 2008 at the Delt house in Greencastle, Indiana that changed everything šŸ™‚

3. How do I start a blog?

I started my blog on Tumblr and then switched over to and then to is very different than With .com you do not own your site. With .org you use a webhost provider {I use Bluehost} and own your URL. More on the differences can be found here.

I had to sync all my posts from Tumblr to .com and then eventually to what you see today. I used a website designer for sparkle sense, her name is Shari from Little Blue Deer and she is absolutely fantastic. HIGHLY recommend her if you are committed to starting a blog.

4. Why do you keep blogging?

I ask myself this question all the time. Whether that’s apparent here… well, probably not. I’ve been back and forth many times on whether I want to continue blogging {just ask Richard}. It’s time consuming & it’s scary to put yourself out there. When it comes down to it I really love sharing photos of beautiful places, beautiful fashion & beautiful design. It can come across that I think everything is fluffy and beautiful all the time. Trust me, I know that’s not the case.

Life is hard and I use this as an outlet to inspire myself as much as others. Long story short, I’ve decided that as long as I still enjoy it, and as long as I don’t put too much pressure on myself, I will still blog. Talk to me in a year and I might have a different mentality šŸ™‚

5. Do you make money?

I make some money monthly from this blog from affiliate links. This leads me into the next question. Note: I do not blog to make money, I blog because I’m passionate about the things I post.

6. What has blogging led you to?

I never thought that my blog would lead me to my day job. I’ve worked in affiliate marketing now for 2 years. A note on affiliate marketing: if you click on a link on my blog {or any blog or coupon site for that matter} and you make a purchase, that blogger or website will make a small commission on your sale.

Since I already had a basic understanding of the industry from the perspective of a blogger my company hired me as part of the publisher team. Publisher = website that publishes information {blogger, coupon site, cash back site}

I work with influencers on a daily basis in the ever evolving “influencer marketing” world that we find ourselves in today. I find it exciting that a little space I created in 2012 has led me to the place I am today professionally. You never know what can happen when you take a risk and start something new šŸ™‚

7. Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

The blogs I love to read consistently are: Make-Statements {my cousin Hillary’s blog!}, It’s The Little Things {Taylor is very relatable – I love her “crack of the week” & coffee talk posts}, Daily Cup of Couture {my favorite for inspiration, always}, Sequins & Stripes {love Liz’s classic style and her posts on motherhood}, Margo & Me {when you want to live in a real life fairytale} and finally Gal Meets Glam {absolutely ADORE Julia’s style and traveling adventures!}

8. What’s something I might not know about you from reading your blog?

Here are a few…

I was a college athlete if you can believe it!! I played field hockey at DePauw for 2 years – I will never let Richard live it down that he never saw me play. We started dating the semester after I quit my Sophomore year.

I can be pretty shy when I first meet new people.

I am very goofy when you know me well. Got that from my Dad šŸ™‚

I studied abroad in London with two of my best girlfriends from college and became an expert tea maker at my PR internship. I drink my tea with a “spot of milk” from my professional tea making days in London.

SO that’s all for today! Let me know if you liked this post via comment or email {}! I’d be happy to chat more about affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, blogging, medical school, residency – I’m an open book! I’ve taught myself a lot about blogging through trial and error. The only real way to learn.

Cheers! xx


  1. You are so sweet to mention me Ashley šŸ™‚ I love reading your blog – I need to learn how to create such pretty images the way you do! Seriously!!!

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