spruce it up.

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week. I’m helping with a wedding tonight on the Upper East Side then planning on taking it pretty easy the rest of the weekend.

The train crash in Hoboken yesterday was such a tragedy and so scary as I take the train from Hoboken everyday. Thankfully I had not left for the train yet and was not there but my thoughts & prayers are with everyone affected by the crash.

On a lighter note, I’ve been wanting to add a couple new touches to our apartment to spruce it up a bit. Doesn’t the Fall season make you want to settle in & make things cozy for the cooler weather coming our way?!

…I know come January I’m going to be missing the heat. Oh, the beauty of seasons!

The pillows on our bed {the top layer of pillows, that is — is there such a thing as too many pillows?!} are from our wedding {striped Madame & Monsieur} and they’ve been perfect. BUT it’s always nice to make small additions to keep things fresh.

I’ve seen these gorgeous monogrammed shams all over the interwebs and found out that they are from Leontine Linens. An amazing source of inspiration.






So stunning! Not sure I can afford these exact ones at the moment so I’m in the market for look alike monogrammed pillows. Let me know if anyone finds a good match 🙂

Have a fab weekend! xx

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