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A quick post today – I’m going to do a full Charleston post next week! We had the BEST time down South.

The nicest people, the cutest downtown & some of the best food I’ve had in a very long time. Literally did not have a bad meal!

My mom got my sister & these beautiful Cuyana monogrammed makeup bags and I am seriously in love!

Cuyana’s tag line is fewer better things which is really making me re-evaluate some of the things I’ve had sitting in my closet for way too many months. Now to find the motivation to declutter… 🙂

The quality of this travel set {comes with a larger bag + a smaller little bag for jewelry or smaller travel items!} has inspired me to buy a new wallet from Cuyana as well.




I’ve been going on 3 years with my current wallet that is literally falling apart and have been wanting to replace it — for $125 {+$10 for monogramming} for a beautifully made leather wallet it’s definitely worth the investment.





Anddd really loving this envelope clutch {all their pieces come in a variety of colors}


Cuyana also has a gorgeous clothing line that I’m dying to check out in person! They have a store in Soho that I’ll need to make my way to soon.



^silk bow blouse here!

If you are in the market for a fresh new accessory or classic cashmere I highly recommend checking out Cuyana!


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