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I spent the past week away from the blog to spend time with my family as we cope with the loss of my irreplaceable, kind, hilarious, wise and unbelievably loving uncle. He lifted up every person he ever talked to. Always making you feel the most important.

This is such a shock and to say that it’s heartbreaking doesn’t even begin to describe the pain and hurt in all of our hearts. Please keep my family, especially my aunt and cousins, in your thoughts and prayers.

There really are no words.

Hillary will be posting their eulogies on Make-Statements this week. His daughters, some of my very best friends, are the biggest inspiration. I know his spirit, character, light and love will live in them always.

I strive to live in his honor and be a person of faith, family, kindness and courage. With a whole lot of laughs and fun. He will be so deeply missed by us all.

faith hope love_

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It seems surreal that almost two years ago I went through an extremely similar loss of my father in law. I’m trying to get back to the place of some peace I was in when I wrote this post. Never ever take time with your family for granted. Never ever.

We’ve had this poem on our fridge the past 2 years. It helps this type of pain even in just the slightest way.

Is That You?

We suffer and we grieve when we lose someone who we love and it brings us comfort to believe they’ve been called from up above.

But often times I’ll wonder in the things I do and see if somehow they’re trying to let me know that they are watching over me.

I believe more each day that flukes occurring just by chance don’t happen by coincidence, or by simple happenstance.

And I’ll find myself wondering if each incident is a clue, or if I should dare to consider asking the question, “Is That You?”

Is that you in the vivid flower standing in the midst of weeds and grass or in the multi-colored prism reflected from the light upon my glass?

Is that you in the ray of sunshine I feel warm upon my back or in the most brilliant star that shines as the sky fades into black?

Is that you in the whirlpool of autumn leaves captured by the breeze or in the single leaf that will grace my path as I walk beneath the trees?

Is that you in the sign that suddenly appears when it seems I’ve lost my way, or in the strip of clear blue sky peering through clouds of stormy gray?

Is that you in the lone butterfly that appears before its season or in the smile of a passing stranger that I receive without a reason?

These occasions have begun to somehow calm my sorrow and fear. For though you’re gone, they may be your way of showing me that you’re still near.

“Live your Dash” by Linda Ellis


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