wedding wednesday.

A few photos of my cousin Carolyn’s gorgeous wedding in Longboat Key, Florida over the 4th of July weekend! We grew up going to LBK every Spring Break with all of our cousins so this place holds so many memories.

It was the perfect setting for Carolyn and Zack, they were beaming! And she was a stunning beachy bride 🙂


A couple getting ready shots with the bride! She got us these cute robes from Etsy. Not sure which shop but they have tons of options.



She also gave us adorable monogrammed clutches as part of our gift that you’ll see below on the beach. Perfect for the Summer!


^I got these silk sandals in Capri & I am obsessed – they are 100% impractical and I had to keep retying them but WHO CARES!? 😉

Bridesmaids dresses were by Joanna August. The great thing about these is that they have tons of styles, long & short, that you can mix and match styles in the same color. I will definitely wear mine in the future, I love the halter cut of it!


The color me & my cousin Mimi wore is Tiny Dancer. My sister & Hillary had on the All Tomorrow’s Parties color. Can’t wait to see more photos as I unfortunately don’t have one of all 4 of us together!


You can also shop many of the styles on Shopbop & Nordstrom so there is no wait time. SO if you are in a pinch, see which styles are in stock & you’re good to go! If the style you want isn’t in stock you’ll have to order direct from the Joanna August site. With the typical bridesmaids dress wait time.

Stunning bridesmaids flowers!


Peggy from Whodrew did all of the invites & created the logo which looked gorgeous on all the wedding details!






And this table… magical, am I right?!!? My jaw dropped when we walked into the Longboat Key Club. It was beyond amazing.






Cheers! xx

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