celebrate 28.

Today I’m 28! One year closer to the Dirty Thirty.

I do really love the number 27 {June 27th – ahem, today & July 27th – the day we got engaged and MARRIED!} but I’ll never complain about getting older. I had a fabulous 27 & I’m looking forward to a really great 28 🙂


I have the best, most loving family & friends, a job I enjoy, wonderful co-workers, a husband I adore more & more everyday AND I get to explore the Big Apple for 3 more years. Lots to celebrate and be thankful for!

birthday 2


One thing I would love to do this Summer but don’t quite have the means or funds to do so is go to Nantucket {we went last Summer & I dream of it — see here} // don’t worry I know no one feels bad for me, I don’t either, ha!

BUT Since I can’t GO to Nantucket for my birthday I chose the Grey Lady for our happy hour spot tonight. The vibe is 100% ACK so I can’t wait!



Thanks for following along with me on sparkle sense & CHEERS to 28! xx


  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday, love reading about your trip to Italy!

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