slow down.

Slow Down. This is something I have to remind myself of — a lot. Especially lately. Richard finds out where he matches for residency in mid-March and I truly want it to come quick. I am a big planner {thanks Mom & Cindy O} & I can’t wait to know the PLAN. That being said, I know then — that we will be much closer to him starting residency. Which from what I’m told, is a whirlwind.


^Love this. And makes me laugh because I wish I could PLAN IT ALL. But that’s never how it goes, right? Life is never how you plan it will be.

I would never have planned to live in Grenada, or to work in NYC — to have my father in law pass away at such a young age or have my cousin go through such a journey with Beazy. However, it all shapes us & makes us grow. I hope it helps us show compassion in new ways that will impact someone else down the line.

…SLOW DOWN. If I keep saying it, maybe I’ll do it? 😉

Here’s to enjoying the “nothing moments” hanging out on the couch {watching every episode of Making a Murderer in 2 days — no judgment please}, morning coffee & walks home from the train — which I would argue, really are the everything moments. One of my favorite quotes is below via Curly Girl Design.


Days seem long but then weeks fly by. I honestly can’t believe we are coming up on 3 years of being married. WHAT!? Insanity. But then I watch how fast my cousins & sister in law’s babies are growing up & I realize I need to embrace each “stage”


Slow down & relax. Slow down & enjoy. Writing it here makes me more accountable & I hope others can relate. Every day is so fast moving… my parents always tell me they feel like they were just in college. And I always laugh. But I am coming to realize that I need to REALLY enjoy the moment because if days are going fast now, I can’t imagine how much faster they’ll go in the next 10, 20, 30 years.

slow down

To end this on a lighter note — And I swear I’m really trying not to wish time away {OK, maybe a LITTLE} BUT we are going to Italy at the end of May to CELEBRATE Richard becoming a Doctor. So so proud of him.

We always said we would do a big trip before residency & it’s really happening. Seems a bit surreal but if anyone has recommendations for Rome, Amalfi Coast {we’re staying in Ravello} or Capri please comment below {or email me:}! CHEERS & SLOW DOWN ya’ll xx



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