ACTS journal // New Years Resolution

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you may remember me talking about the ACTS journal a year or so ago. My New Years Resolution is to get back on the ACTS journal wagon. Essentially it’s a way to to reflect & unwind at the end of the day. To take a step back & realize your actions matter.

If you take the time to think of others, whether it be close family & friends or strangers, you will feel more purpose in your everyday routine.

The idea is to go through these 4 acronyms either in your mind or pen / paper {or in your iPhone notes}

ACTS stands for…
A – adoration: something wonderful that you adored today
C – contrition: something you are sorry for doing today
T – thanksgiving: something you are thankful for today
S – supplication: something you want to pray or petition for today; for yourself or someone else

thankful 1

To give you an example of how small these things can be, I will do my day yesterday.

A: My husband made the bed. This is typically something I do everyday after barre before going to work. Because he did it without me asking {and he does it better than me} I adored this gesture.

C: I’m sorry for being annoyed about going back to work on a cold Monday. I am blessed to have a job I enjoy and work with people I look forward to seeing 🙂

T: Thankful for my health and thankful that my cousin Hillary’s daughter Bea was able to go to the beach!!! Read more on her blog here.

S: Prayers for my family dog Hunty who had to go in for surgery. Sweet little guy.


Have a fabulous day & open your mind to see the good stuff. xx

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