halloween recap.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend! Here are some photos to recap our weekend.

Amazing cabbage roses at the Farmer’s Market in Union Square. I am always amazed by this Farmer’s Market even if I do walk through it every Monday, Wednesday, Friday on my walk to work. It’s really just outstanding and the seasonal flowers always get me.


flowers 3

Friday pizza night. Olive oil base is the way to go.


Saturday in the day we had Richard’s godson Tommy’s 1st birthday party. He is TOO adorable. Follow along with his mom Courtney’s blog The Chirping Moms {Richard’s cousin}. Such a cute site for moms + their cute kiddos.


bday 2

For Halloween I was a mermaid & Richard, a lobster… aka Sebastian. Side note: we ordered the lobster outfit, then googled Sebastian from The Little Mermaid to find out that he’s a crab. SHOOT. Haha, who knew. He’s a lobster in my book.

hallowen 3

halloween 2

halloween 7




Richard’s friend Heather {seen below :)} brought these adorable mini pumpkin pies. One recipe is here {or search on Pinterest!}

halloween 4



My mermaid tail was made by one of our family friends {Toni is the best!} and loves mermaids as much {probably more} than I do. My top is from H&M and necklace is borrowed from my mom 🙂 The seashell crown was a gift that I wore during our welcome party of wedding weekend {see post here}. LOVE any excuse to wear it.

halloween 9



halloween 8

And the cutest Halloween card from my friend Peggy – shop her site as Whodrew.



flowers 4

flowers 2

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