be your best.

It’s been a year since the loss of my wonderful, loving father in law – he had one of the kindest, purest souls of anyone I’ve ever met. It’s been a year since I wrote this & a year of striving to live in George’s honor. Below were a few of his many sayings 🙂

One of our family friends wrote – he always encouraged everyone to be their best — a gift I carry with me everyday. He truly did and I will also forever hold this gift with me.

• There is nothing in this world more important than family.
• Stay interested.
• A man is judged by how they influence the lives of others.
• The integrity of a man is determined not when things are going good but when they are going bad.
• Use your eyes and your ears but not your mouth.
• You always have to hang out with young people to keep you young.
• Never forget the child within you.
• Live life over the top.
• Do a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.


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