RELAX because it’s Friday & I have a really great product to chat about today šŸ™‚

Relax Spa & Bath sent me some products to try out & they are really wonderful. Relax specializes in bath crystals full of vitamins and minerals that are good for your body inside and out. Ya’ll know if you’ve followed along for awhile how much I love baths. Like, maybe take more baths than showers a week. Don’t judge.

The salts are an all-natural remedy for just about anything. Aches, pains, stress, tension, and toxins are reduced and eliminated with a soak in either a tub or jacuzzi. The crystals contain ingredients of the highest quality such as Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts, and a moisturizing infusion that will leave skin hydrated and soft.

Use the promo code Hajjar10 for 10% off all aromatherapy crystals. Shop here.

bath salts 1

bath salts 2

bath salts 3

I am already out of the lavender salts and will be ordering more asap – next time I’m thinking they would go perfect with this lavender champagne. Image via SMP – read more ways to serve bubbly here. Because, duh. It’s the weekend. YOLO.


They also have anti-inflammatory properties that really help injuries and sore muscles. Muscle and Joint therapy salts that incredibly help with swelling and pain. They also can be used as a body scrub, laundry freshener, scents to diffuse in a humidifier, and aromatherapy for a sauna/steam room! The possibilities are seriously endless.

bath salts 4

bath salts 5

bath salts 6

All of the products are spa and bath safe, oil-free, non-toxic, and will not damage, stain, or otherwise affect equipment or surfaces.

Be sure to use the promo code Hajjar10 for 10% off all aromatherapy crystals šŸ™‚

Happy Friday! xx

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