I mentioned last week {here} that I’ll be partnering with Wanderable on my new site Her Sparkle!

I wanted to give a little intro so anyone thinking about honeymoon planning {or has a friend / sister / daughter planning} can take advantage of this amazing site! I truly wish I had known about it when we were getting ready for Paris & Provence.

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What is it?

Wanderable is a honeymoon registry site. It gives your wedding guests an alternative to buying you utensils, dishes & appliances – they can gift you an experience or adventure on your honeymoon!

Items can range from general requests, such as transportation, lodgings, and special meals, to more specific requests for particular tours and activities. Guests can contribute to the couple’s honeymoon memories by sending monetary gifts for specific items. An increasing number of newlyweds now have all the housewares that they need, so a honeymoon registry is the perfect way to start off their life together!

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How does it work?

For the couple: Adding experiences is easy. Once you login, you can browse destinations and choose from 2,500 different activities in 180 different cities. If you like something, say, snorkeling in Maui or a hidden Paris walking tour, simply click “Add to Registry.” You can always go in and add or delete whatever you like. If for some reason they don’t have the specific activity you’re looking for, you are able to add it yourself.

For the guests: Guests can easily choose items from your registry and click on “Give gifts.” They will choose a payment method (cash or check, credit card, or PayPal) and we’ll confirm their purchase (if using PayPal, we’ll only confirm their purchase after the PayPal transaction goes through successfully).

Read more on how it works here & FAQs here.

My packing list this month was for Hawaii {see it on Wanderable} so if you need a travel guide to Hawaii don’t miss out on Wanderable’s Hawaii guide here.

Wanderable asked me for my travel essentials as well: YSL Clicker for when your eyes need a little boost – it’s perfect to dab on right after a flight {you’ll immediately look more awake!}, Kashwere cozy socks and WATER, you can never have enough water.

Definitely check out all the Wanderable destinations here. Happy Friday! xx

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