Man it got chilly outside quickly!! The holidays are upon us. With this cold weather I would love nothing more than to be sitting at BG in their amazing Porter chairs {read my post here on these chairs} with a hot cup of tea. This cashmere hat & this one are perfect options for surviving the cold.


This photo is part of Inslee’s 2015 calendar – get yours here or give it as a gift! Exciting bonus – Inslee chose two favorite illustrations from past calendars to include as prints as a gift with the 2015 calendar.

If you remember a few months ago I posted that my parents got us our very own Inslee watercolor – it’s one of my favorite things in our apartment! Stay warm & check out all of Inslee’s prints here. xx



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    […] shop with Society Social & Inslee coming to Soho. The citrus wallpaper is by Inslee {see Tuesday’s post} – how freaking cute! The shop will be on 73 Spring Street. Can’t wait to […]

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