back to reality & a good read.

Officially back from Europe & trying to get back into the swing of things. It’s always quite sad to come home from vacation but when it’s been with your mom & sister in Paris and your whole husband’s family for a wedding in the countryside of Spain… it’s much tougher.

I have many photos I need to go through so look out for some fun posts the end of this week & next!!

I did want to share a book I started on our trip back from Spain that I am absolutely in love with — it was a recommendation from my mom’s best friend & I simply cannot put it down: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Find it here. A few of my favorite quotes below.


me before you quote

I started it on Sunday & am almost finished {it’s 500 pages} — this is truly a feat for me as it took me over a month to finish Paris Wife — not that I didn’t love Paris Wife, I just could put it down and pick it up. This book — I cannot.

It’s an unconventional love story that you think about when you are not reading it. I was thinking about it during my workout this morning. If you need a good beach read or just one for the commute to work — read this!!


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