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Richard & I have watched all the episodes of ESPN’s “Inside US Men’s Soccer March to Brazil” {see a clip here}. We’ve loved following along with their training & the road to making the team. It’s so fun knowing who’s who on the team which only made last nights win that much sweeter!

Obsessed with the I Believe commerical that you’ve no doubt seen but watch below if you haven’t.

We never got a seat at the bar until the game was over, it was unreal to be at a packed bar when everyone in USA gear went wild for the winning goal! Magical & quite beautiful. I love America.


My favorite player is Clint Dempsey {he scored the first goal in the first 30 seconds} — he’s an obvious favorite player as he’s the captain but I also follow him on Instagram here & he has the cutest little family. The caption of the photo below is “Me and the princess.” Melt my heart.



SO looking forward to the next big game vs Portugal on Sunday!

On another unrelated note, check out the feature CFN Daily did on me yesterday here {scroll down a little}. Flattered to be featured on her site. Below are a couple full questions & answers.

CFN: You bring so much sparkle to the world with Sparkle Sense. Tell us about how it got started, what inspires you, and what Sparkle Sense is really about.

ME: Sparkle Sense is really about finding joy in the little things in life. It’s about finding that sparkle inside yourself in your everyday life even when things aren’t going your way. I’ve learned that having a good attitude can truly change your mood, your perception of the world around you & in turn, your life. In my adult life thus far I’ve lived in many places, with many new people, in many situations and have learned to embrace change. I truly believe you make your own happiness. I think finding joy in the little things and finding a way to share that with those around you can really make a difference in your day & theirs. To be kind for being kinds sake. To not want anything in return. That will bring you joy, it will help you make your own happiness.

CFN: Why do you think being classy and confident is so important in today’s world? What is your advice for young women?

ME: In today’s world there is a lot of pressure on women to be able to juggle everything. To have a challenging & fulfilling career, to have an active social life, to stay healthy & fit, to dress well, to cook, to entertain, to raise children & still have time left for herself. It’s exhausting at times. Being confident in what you are capable of is so incredibly important in the world we live in. We can’t always do it all but we can carry ourselves with confidence in our abilities, in what we can do & what we are good at. Keeping a classy composure through it all is also absolutely essential (which is why I just love CFN!!) We as women need to keep level heads, to strive for what we want & to work hard for it –in a classy & confident manner. If you are confident in yourself, you will pave your own way.


CFN: How about your GORGEOUS WEDDING! Tell us about it, the theme, where it was featured, and how you brought such inner & outer beauty to the prettiest wedding ever!

ME: Aw, that’s so nice of you to say! We had the absolute best day. It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year. I got to marry my best friend last July in a sea of friends, family & pink ☺ We had lots of preppy elements: think pink & white stripes & monograms as well as some French influences. I am utterly OBSESSED with macarons & the French patisserie Laduree. Our wedding logo & monogram was inspired by Laduree. We went on our honeymoon in France so it all really came full circle. We were featured on Style Me Pretty this past March & couldn’t be more excited & flattered. Check out the feature here

Our wedding and my planning leading up to the wedding was documented on Sparkle Sense in my many “Wedding Wednesdays.” I still do them from time to time because I just adore weddings. Everything about them makes me happy – the love, the flowers, the happiness. They’re simply the best. Personal touches are what really make weddings special. My favorite personal touch from our wedding was the photos we had hanging in the ladies bathroom. They were photos of our moms & grandmothers on their own wedding day. It was a our tribute to the beautiful, strong, classy & confident women that made us who we are & have taught us what love truly is.

Happy Day xx

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