ACTS journal.

My cousin is one of my very best friends & also happens to be a 7th & 8th grade teacher. She was looking for ideas of things to do with her students & brought up the ACTS journaling we used to do in high school {we went to a Catholic high school}. I hadn’t thought about it in years but it was something I used to do every day & I’ve started to do it again. Although, now I keep it in my iPhone notes 🙂

the good stuff

I talk a lot about fashion & pretty things on this blog but I think ACTS is great way to reflect & unwind at the end of the day. To take a step back & to realize all the good {& bad} around you. Realize your actions matter & that if you take the time to think of others, whether it be close family & friends or strangers, you will feel more purpose in your everyday routine.

ACTS stands for…
A – adoration: something wonderful that you adored today
C – contrition: something you are sorry for doing today
T – thanksgiving: something you are thankful for today
S – supplication: something you want to pray or petition for today; for yourself or someone else

A lot of my “A” moments in the past couple weeks have been during my morning or evening commute. The first thought when you think of Manhattan probably isn’t “adoration” because of the crazy hustle & bustle. And there is that. But there’s also some pretty amazing things that happen & some pretty amazing people.

I’ve seen two young men help an older man back up who fell from his walker, I’ve come across a slew of people who had stopped & called for help for a stranger who was on the ground & unresponsive. Almost every day I see a blind man on my train coming home who has a different person {strangers, mind you} helping to make sure he gets on the train & into a seat safely.

I overheard a Korean girl, probably in her early 20s, just yesterday {I was walking behind her, I really wasn’t trying to pry!} telling her friend about how she stayed up until 3am the other night making her grandfather a birthday gift. She had to get it done in time to send it to him in Korea for his birthday. She got old pictures together, made a collage & sent him some peanuts & snacks that she knew he liked. She told her friend that he called her up crying, which made her cry. She was saying how she was so elated that she decided to stay up even after a long, exhausting day for that special moment with him. My heart melted. It made my day. Love is all around 🙂

So if you are up for it, join in the ACTS journal. Even if it’s just a mental thing, even if it’s once a week. It’s a great way to reflect & a great reminder for all we are blessed with.

Have a fabulous day & choose to see the good stuff. xx

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