Good Eats.

I’m going to mix up my weekend recaps mostly because my weekends aren’t all that exciting a lot of the time {aka snow walks with Hunty & cookie making :)}

I did, however, have an eventful week last week in Chicago. Today I’m going to share some yummy Chicago eats & a cute lunch place my mom and I went to on Saturday in Lexington.

One spot we always seem to end up in Chicago is Hugo’s Frog Bar — you might be thinking you have to get a huge fancy meal there but that’s not the case. Most of the time I’ve been, we sit at the bar & order beers + salads {the garbage salad is delicious} + filet sliders. It’s the perfect amount of food and it’s always hopping — even on a Sunday night.


My all time favorite lunch spot is RLRalph Lauren’s restaurant. It’s so incredibly cozy. You can’t go wrong with toasted cheese & tomato soup or the RL Burger & fries.



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A close second to RL is the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus. My girlfriend Michelle and I used to go here often when we worked at Groupon together & so it’s kind of become “our spot.” Before you even begin your meal you get a tiny cup of chicken broth {sooths the soul} & a popover with strawberry butter. I could end the meal there and be happy.


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I always go for the signature NM chicken salad {& fries if the day seems to call for it — on Tuesday, it did}.


Learn how to make it all in the Neiman Marcus Cookbook. Buy it here.

neiman marcus cookbook

I was loving the festive Diptyque candles at Neimans. Buy them here.


Tuesday night we went to Siena Tavern and LOVED it. It’s new & was started by Fabio from Top Chef. I didn’t know this until Michelle told me at lunch & I DIED. Richard and I used to be huge Top Chef fans — we still are but sometimes life gets in the way of your favorite shows. That being said, Fabio was ALWAYS our favorite. I mean, if you’ve watched & know him — you will want to go to this place not only for the food but for the hope that you may run into him. We didn’t — but that’s okay.


The food & atmosphere {not too fancy, not too casual} was spectacular. My favorite was the spaghetti {lump crab meat, grape tomatoes, red chili & lemon sauce} & the mozzarella bar. Next time I would definitely try a pizza as well. View the whole dinner menu here.

siena tavern

siena tavern

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Bathroom selfie at Siena Tavern. Dress by three dots. Buy it here.

three dots

A few other favorites in Chi town: Sprinkles Cupcakes & Tempo Cafe {the omelets!!!} Both were also consumed during this trip. I pretty much just like to eat my way through Chicago. I’ll be heading back there on Saturday with Rich but we’ll be doing more consuming along the lines of Devil Dawgs cheese fries & Pequods pizza — equally as amazing.

Saturday we took a short trip to Lexington and ate at Wine + Market. It was so cute & French. It looked like some place in the West Village or Soho in NYC. We also shopped at the amazing LV Harkness. A definite must do in Lexington. It’s an absolutely gorgeous store.

wine + market

wine + market

french limonade

Loving the French Limonade — sweater from Anthro. Anthro has SO many cute sweaters right now. Loving this one & this one.


& my Sunday started with this amazing breakfast from my mom. Living at home the past couple weeks has been prettttty nice. I can’t get too used to it though, not long until we are New Jersey bound! Rich gets home this week which means this week is THE BEST. Have a good one! xx


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  1. Love all of the restaurant picks in Chicago you had, especially NMs Zodiac Room. Their popovers and strawberry butter are to die for!!! A favorite stop of mine during Christmas shopping 🙂

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