give thanks.

Giving thanks that it’s Friday but also for small, everyday things. Living in the Caribbean for the past three months {+ multiple other months over the past 2 years} has given me a new appreciation for many little things that I used to take for granted.

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Some examples of things I’m thankful for off the top of my head:

drivers who don’t stop in the middle of the road for no reason {I feared for my life every time I drove}, fresh berries {as posted on my Instagram today}, that you can order a sandwich & have it within minutes, being a normal temperature {I sweated pretty much all the time & although you get used to the heat, it’s nice not to cook in a kitchen or watch TV in a room that’s 85 degrees}, getting cozy under blankets {blankets were unnecessary — we only had AC in our bedroom & had to pay for AC which means we put our AC on a timer at night}, no ants & mosquitos all up in everythang, no men on the side of the road with large machetes {granted they were used for yard work but that sh*t is still scary}, Starbucks {enough said}, magazines {I am a magazine addict & there were none to be had}, well stocked grocery stores {the one we went to often didn’t have eggs, cheese, fresh vegetables — essentials}, & I could go on but you get the point.

There are many things I will now be forever grateful for. I learned so many lessons being in Grenada that I will always look back on it as a place where I grew up with my boyfriend turned fiancé turned husband. It’s given me the biggest appreciation for friends & family & to never be ungrateful for what we have. It is truly so much more than many others {as we also witnessed first hand these past two years}.

So in this week of Thanksgiving I give thanks to the big & little things I am given everyday. Most of all for the love of family & friends… oh and for my family’s dog, Hunty. It’s his birthday today!! 😀


Happy 7th Birthday to Hunty & Happy Friday! Cheers.

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