weekend recap.

I don’t have many photos from this weekend but overall it was pretty low key. Richard has midterms this week which means he was holed up in a classroom studying all weekend. It also means next weekend = FUN!

Friday night I made pesto chicken stuffed shells BUT when I went to make the pesto, I realized I bought spinach thinking it was basil. So we had spinach stuffed shells. They were good {Richard approved} but the pesto is better {in my opinion}. Blonde moment!

The recipe I used HERE is great but you definitely need to pour sauce {I used vodka sauce} over the noodles before baking or the noodles will be a bit crunchy & hard.

pesto chicken stuffed shells

{Image via Pinterest}

Another dinner I made last week was a chicken quinoa dish with spinach + tomatoes + feta. I shared this photo via Instagram.

chicken quinoa

This was so simple but so yummy. I worked off this recipe from Pass the Yum but added tomatoes and used feta cheese instead of goat cheese {& didn’t use truffle oil} Delicious!

Saturday I went to the beach for a midterm social with other significant others. Thank goodness there are other wives down here that I get to hang out with. The life of a medical students wife is not very glamorous at times {lots of alone time!!!} & I’m lucky to have girls down here who truly understand what it’s like.

friendship quote

Oh, and who like to have some fun while we’re at it! Sunday we had a great little pool day.

grenada sunday

The view off the dock by the pool wasn’t too shabby…


photo water

I’ll be looking forward to more time with them in New Jersey/ NYC {fingers crossed that’s where all their husbands have their hospital rotations!}

Have a great Monday.

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