Wedding Wednesday

I forgot that I took a few photos when we were putting together our welcome boxes so I thought I’d share. The welcome box was a little intimidating. We wanted them to be cute but didn’t want to spend TOO much time figuring out the components. We knew right off the bat we were going to do 2 water bottles with our wedding logo, advil, and Richter & Phillips jewelry cleaner.

wedding welcome box

Next we needed a little DePauw {where Rich & I met in college & where we got engaged}. We decided to make our own trail mix DePauw style — & to make it “DePauw” trail mix we used black & gold M&Ms with a black & gold sticker.

depauw tigers trail mix

& to tie it together with where our wedding was located we added some Cincinnati favorites — a Cincinnati Reds Busken cookie & Skyline oyster crackers. Once we decided on what was going in the box {lots of snacks!}, it actually turned out to be quite a fun project.

putting together welcome boxes

wedding welcome box

wedding welcome box

I also recommend making a “night” of it — we had my aunt and cousin over to help us {my mom, sister and I} put them together. A. it went so much faster and B. it was a fun excuse to get together before the wedding to begin “wedding festivities” — because you can never have too many, right? Right.

I loved the schedule of events that my mom’s friend Kim put together for us with the pink/white striped paper that we used throughout the wedding. Is it obvious that I love pink & white stripes? 😉

She also made a bridal party itinerary that was similar with different events & little illustrations – too cute! Below is the one that was made for the welcome box.

wedding welcome box schedule of events

wedding welcome box schedule of events

wedding welcome box schedule of events

Overall, I think as long as you have some snacks & a little taste of you as a couple & your wedding location, you are set 🙂

Have a great day!



  1. Where did you have your wedding timeline and invitations made? So pretty!

    • My mom’s friend who is a graphic designer actually made them but I’m sure anyone you used would be able to use it as inspiration 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! xx Ashley

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