a must watch.

I came across this video today & it merits a second post for the day.

this short video is just plain sad. but so true.

I catch myself all the time being way too consumed in my phone, in looking at fashion on Instagram, in checking my snapchats, etc. I try to blame it on the fact I’m in Grenada & that Richard is studying all the time so I have more free time than usual BUT when I think back to when I was home, I was the same way. So I realize that’s not a good excuse.

In the world of social media, we don’t want to miss out on anything, we want to be in the know {see my post here & here on this from last year}. It’s tough, there’s really no easy answer and there’s no really getting away from it but we can try to be better. To be present. To be all there.

be all there.

& I’m going to try {TRY REALLY HARD} to make a conscious effort not to live on my smart phone. If our generation continues on this path I fear that our children are going to turn out…. well, weird.

Do you agree? Tell me I’m not the only one that struggles with this.





  1. Inspiration at its finest. Robbie and I will be leaving our phones at home for date night tomorrow night 🙂 great find.

    • I’m so glad 🙂 It’s an important thing to be aware of — I took Facebook and Twitter off my phone (I couldn’t handle no Instagram). Richard said “I’m SO proud of you!” haha — small victories, right? Love you!

  2. LOVE/ hate relationship with this video…It’s truth smacking you in the face, but Its something we all struggle with!

    So many of life’s special moments can be easily missed ot ruined by snapping excess photos, trying to get the perfect shot… and by the time we do, we then spend anywhere from 3-12 minutes on Instagram, etc.

    ^^I like Mary’s idea of leaving phones at home occassionally! #iPhoneHomeAlone

    • Could not agree more! Perfect example — I bought a new Canon Rebel this summer that I used on our honeymoon & I love it. BUT it’s tough because I struggle with where I should take it/not wanting to lose it/having one too many drinks and dropping it, so I end up using my iPhone, hence using Instagram & wasting so much time. I’ve decided to make a personal goal the next few months to actually use my real camera, enjoy the little moments and be ALL there 🙂 So excited you started a blog, Mol! Can’t wait to follow along. XO Ash

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