Time to Bash: ways to beat the blues.

Blair & I are officially back with Time to Bash 🙂

hi sparkle sensers!

blair checkin in with ya from fashionista fairytales. is it just me or are you sad to say see ya to the summer? fall is sneaking up on all of us… which means one thing: the flood of camp college tweets, instagrams, snapchats, and the overload of happiness from all of those kids livin’ the dream on campus. while i have officially been out of college for over a year, i still am guilty of getting that FOMO feeling and a huff of homesickness every time i see my friends being a part of frat party fantasies…

there is something so special and comforting about those four years of college. being surrounded by friends that are close enough to be family, meal plans, chatting and making bagels in your sorority house, and even better, sleeping with over 30 girls in one room aka the cold dorm orphanage. you just won’t ever have times like that again. but with that being said, there is so much to look forward to after college. new friendships, memories, and real world shenanigans that will grow to comfort you.

in a funkity funk? some days i just want to go back… while some days i am so glad to be in a new city (one with so many more options than greencastle, indiana!) especially with your whole life is front of ya! i have found a few ways to beat those post graduation blues…

1. sweat it out – go for a run or walk and appreciate where you are! i truly believe that you are exactly where you are supposed to be… for me, i simply step foot on the beach or ride a bike along the boardwalk and i remember why i am here!

2. eat it up – every city has amazing food options, and not to toot my city’s horn, but LA eateries are just the best. i have been to so many delicious restaurants and i haven’t even tried 1/100 of the ones i want to. whether it is a coffee shop, cafe, or sushi spot, a full belly helps anything and everything.

3. just breathe – i have recently become addicted to yoga. maybe moving to venice and seeing all the fit yogi’s walking to class with their mats made me make the move, but every since i have started, i will never turn back! it helps you completely de-stress and i always make sure to go into my yoga classes with a set intention. and i will leave all my worries on the mat when i leave.

4. callin’ all my girls – there is nothing that your girlfriends can’t fix. even if you get together to rehash old memories, talking with your sistas can help every situation. wine wednesdays, movie mondays, or any excuse to get together after a long day of work works for me!

5. just write – this has become a totally new thing for me, but writing out my feelings is so incredibly helpful. sometimes it is in a form of a blog post, sometimes it is handwritten in my notebook, or even just thinking in the peace and quiet. i have learned that letting it all out is such a good way to deal with stress and confusion. sometimes just writing it out gives you a better understanding of why you are feeling a certain way and what you can do to fix the problem! becoming email buds with someone rocks too. nothing like some good ol’ feedback from a friend.

even all of that being said, the real world is pretty freakin’ cool. you have so much freedom to do what you want to do, to completely take charge of your life, and shape your future! but just remember, wine + friends is a good cure for anything in life… especially while browsing all of the college cuties on the web…

XO! blair

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