my other bag.

Let me start by saying how much I love “My Other Bag” — I got three of them as gifts for my girlfriends involved in our wedding {see photo of me with two of them below}

I tried to explain it’s use {reusable bag} by putting flowers & a baguette in the bag so they knew it’s to use at the grocery… I mean, what else are essentials at the grocery? 😉

my other bag

My Other Bag {taken from their website} is a reflection of a passion for handbags, which started from an experience designer Tara Martin had in a grocery store. She lives in Santa Monica, a city that has banned plastic grocery bags in order to ensure people utilize their reusable bags.

I also got myself one with the Goyard print {I would die to have a real one some day} that I used poolside on our honeymoon.

I love the versatility of it in that you can use it at the pool, the grocery, the gym… wherever you want!

my other bag

my other bag

My Other Bag is environmentally conscious, socially savvy, and fashionably fun. An easy way to make them your own is to get them monogrammed like I did!

Shop away, they have the cutest options! Follow my other bag on Instagram, too! Kind of fun that they “regrammed” my Instagram of mine poolside.




  1. lovely bag, and practical as well 🙂


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