Time to Bash: Flower Crowns

hi bash babes,

it’s blair from fashionista fairytales! if you are like me… you are still getting back to reality after a long & wonderful fourth of july weekend. i just got back to california from my trip back to the midwest… what a bittersweet feeling! there were a few times i accidentally called los angeles my “home” and my family wouldn’t let me hear the end of it!

in addition to my red / white / blue clothing, i decided to make a flower crown to match! i’m the kind of girl who would definitely rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck 🙂 my friend molly is a darn good DIY-er and gave me some tips about making a crown from scratch… without spending the big bucks.

i made a quick trip to michael’s where i simply bought a few items:

– fake flowers

– floral wire

– a thicker piece of wire for the actual “crown”

– floral tape

it sounds a little easier than it actually was, but all i really did was wrap the fake flower stems around the crown with floral wire! and then held them in place with the floral tape. it took a bit of time to do the job, but it sure was worth it in the end. even though some of my friends said i looked dressed for woodstock, not the fourth, i was still happy with the look!

time to bash

i chose red, white and blue flowers to stay festive for the holiday, but there are so many choices of colors and flower styles to choose from. it would be so fun to wear to a wedding, a dinner party, or anything held outdoors! i can’t wait to rock a flower crown for my own wedding day… but obviously i will trust someone else to make that for me instead of myself 🙂

here are a few of my favorite flower crowns via pinterest… (cult gaia’s are always the best!)






doesn’t matter your hair cut, color, or length… flower crowns are for everyone! enjoy, and remember… you must have flowers, always, always. xoxo


  1. This is such a gorgeous post, I love it!

  2. The first photo of the flower crown you made made me so MISS a Midwest 4th of July celebration! I’m in Ecuador and actually forgot about the fourth of July (the date) until I got on Facebook and saw an explosion of red, white, and blue.

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