I Dream of Paris

I spent my whole day on the 4th of July {since it was gross & rainy in Cincy} planning our honeymoon. I made quite the detailed itinerary that obviously can be altered as we stumble across things. That being said, I also came across this adorable illustration by Caroline Wang.

i dream of paris

Purchase from CocoDraws’ Etsy shop for $20. All of Caroline Wang’s illustrations are the cutest.

A- Arc de Triomphe
B- Beret
C- Creme Glacee (ice cream)
D- Drapeau (flag)
E- Escargot (snail)
F- Fauteuil (armchair)
G- Grande Roue (ferris wheel)
H- Hors d’ouevre (appetizer)
I- Impermeable (raincoat)
J- Je t’aime (I love you)
K- Kiosque (newsstand)
L- Latte
M- Metro (subway)
N- Nenuphar (water lily- Monet)
O- Oignon Soupe (onion soup)
P- Parfum (perfume)
Q- Quiche
R- Rouge a levres (lipstick)
S- Sac (bag)
T- Tour Eiffel
U- Universite
V- Velo (bicycle)
W-Wagon de Train (train car)
X- Xeres (sherry)
Y- Yeux (eyes)
Z- Zoo

Dreaming of Paris will get me through these next few weeks of wedding craziness. Also check out my Time to Bash Rockstuds post on Fashionista Fairytales from Friday 🙂



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