charlotte moss: a visual life

Charlotte Moss’s most recent book A Visual Life was a Christmas gift that I finally got around to reading.

a visual life

It really made me want to start scrapbooking {none of this “pinning” non-sense 🙂 } I do love Pinterest but there is something very therapeutic about tangibly scrapbooking & collaging your own ideas together as inspiration.

In Charlotte Moss’s case the inspiration transforms into beautiful interior design but I think this inspiration can be used for anything you want.

charlotte moss book

Here are a few of my favorite collages from the book. The numbers correspond to the different color board inspirations. #3 & #4 are the robin’s egg blue color story. #9 & #10 are the fuschia color story. #15 & #16 are the apricot color story.

Click here for my favorite Charlotte Moss collage to date from another book back in August.

#3 & #4 – robin’s egg blue



#9 & #10 – fuschia



#15 & #16 – apricot



For a full view of Charlotte Moss’s color board inspirations take a look at Mark D. Sike’s post here.

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