friday favorites.

When I first started following blogs, these three were among the first I read. Now they are some of the only ones I consistently follow. Besides blogs of people you actually know {because, in my opinion, it’s most interesting when you know the person} these are my favorites.

I like them for very different reasons. They are also all located in 3 different cities – NYC, Chicago & San Francisco.

1. With Love From Kat

First of all, Kat is absolutely gorgeous… & she couldn’t be sweeter {not that I know her}. Even though I don’t “know” her, she has helped me find cute places to eat in NYC over Twitter & seems like a very genuine person.

with love from kat

Kat’s style is amazing and her Instagrams are always to die for. I want to eat everywhere she eats & I want her clothes. Follow With Love From Kat for amazing outfit posts.

2. Things That Sparkle

Things That Sparkle is a lifestyle blog – Alex blogs about everything from fashion to weddings to interior design. I love her advice on interior design & how she incorporates her business Alexandra Kaehler Designs into her posts. Below is her bedroom that she recently shared.

things that sparkle

Her blog is also personal at times & very honest. I feel like I know her {kind of creepy but I also kind of love it}. She seems like a cool chick. Follow Things That Sparkle for a little bit of everything.

3. Daily Cup of Couture

Pretty sure this one is my absolute favorite. I have a girl crush on Caitlin of Daily Cup of Couture. She is just so cute. She loves bows, monograms, light pink, traveling… and pretty much everything beautiful & fancy. The photo below {Chloe scalloped shorts} is something you would see posted on DcC.

scalloped shorts love

Caitlin keeps you up to date with current runway trends, current magazine content & what she currently likes. Follow Daily Cup of Couture for beautiful photos, style icons, high fashion & overall femininity.




  1. Ashely you are just too sweet! I am so glad you enjoy Daily Cup of Couture! xx Caitlin

    • It’s all true! I hope my friends read along now too 🙂 PS – what were your absolute favorite spots in Paris? We are spending 4 days of our honeymoon there. Xx

  2. You should check out too, I think you’d really like her! She has such great style and you both have a lot in common… She just got married and her husband just finished med school : )

    • AH!!! I have only read like two posts and am already obsessed. It’s making me want to get a super professional camera and take pictures of everything 🙂 Thanks so much for the recommendation! XO, Ash

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