Elbow Noodle Tuna Salad.

I made this elbow noodle tuna salad a couple weeks ago in Grenada and thought I would share…


My aunt made this for us when we were in Longboat Key. I love it by itself or over bed of lettuce for a light, healthy & delicious lunch.


Elbow macaroni noodles (1 whole box, 13.25 ounces)

2 bags Chunk Light Tuna (6.4oz each)

2 tablespoons light mayo (this is a guess, I didn’t use very much but you can kind of eyeball it to see when it seems like the right amount)

3 hard boiled eggs

lemon or lemon juice (there weren’t any lemons at the grocery in Grenada — or pretty much any day, haha)

optional: add onion or relish (I don’t particularly enjoy either but I know many people do!)

salt & pepper to taste


1. Cook elbow noodles according to package directions.

2. Cook hard boiled eggs {I hate to admit but this was the first time I’ve made hard boiled eggs. I needed help so I went here}

3. In a mixing bowl, mix 2 bags of tuna with your desired amount of light mayo + salt & pepper + desired amount of lemon juice.

4. When pasta is finished, drain & then mix together noodles and tuna. I put this in the fridge while the hard boiled eggs were finishing up.

5. When eggs are finished cut them up & add to your pasta.

…And voilà you have yourself elbow noodle tuna salad for lunch.

tuna salad

mix together ingredients

elbow noodle tuna salad

elbow noodle tuna salad

I prefer it cold so if you have time, let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes or so. Perfect if you make it the night before. This makes a fairly large amount (lunch for 6 people, possibly 8.)

Keep stored in refrigerator. Leftovers you will actually eat.

elbow noodle tuna salad




  1. this is so simple to prepare. I must try this. thank you for sharing! 😀

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