I thought these quotes would be the perfect uplifting boost ya need on a Monday morning.  Also because I had to give myself a pep talk yesterday… change your thinking, change your mood.


I realized that it really is all about perspective. Here’s why {condensed version}…

I was getting really sad that I have to leave Richard on Wednesday. I was throwing myself a little pitty party & put myself into quite a “mood” Saturday night. Sunday morning I decided that I need to embrace the opportunity to spend time with my family these next two months before the craziness of wedding month begins {as well as being a married lady for the rest of my life}.

change your thinking

Looking at leaving as the opportunity to spend time with my family, as simple as it sounds, wasn’t the way my mind was working the past few days. I was only focusing on the negative, focusing on how much I just want to be with Richard & how much long distance is the worst {thank god this is the last time, EVER}.

point of view

This post is a bit more personal than normal but thought it might be a good reminder to all. It’s easy to lose sight of the positive so I’m going to use this motto… change your thinking, change your mood. I am pretty sure it works with most difficult situations, & Lord knows we all have ’em.


Happy Monday & Happy Perspective 🙂



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