Taste of Belgium

Richard leaves on Sunday so this week we’ve been getting a lot of wedding errands accomplished before I start work Monday…

…And we’ve been eating as much as possible before we get into wedding mode (aka not eating the food below & working out). That being said, yesterday we ate lunch at Taste of Belgium in Over the Rhine (OTR) in Cincy.

taste of belgium

We honestly had the best experience & the most incredible service… not to mention the food was delicious. Comes in HIGHLY recommended.

The eats:

Banana & Nutella waffle – came out first 🙂

Waffle n’ Chicken – chicken, Ohio maple syrup, hot sauce

Belgian Turkey Club Baguette – bacon, havarti, aioli

Belgian Frites – chipotle aioli on the side. amazing.

banana nutella waffle


belgian frites

waffle n chicken

waffle n chicken close up

taste of belgium

Our waiter brought us out a New York Style cheesecake because we told him we were getting married this summer – he was the bomb. As if we needed more dessert. I mean… it was really good.

cheese cake

Anddd you can get waffles to go 🙂

waffles to go

Try this place if you get the chance!




  1. OTR. So hip. Love it.


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