’tis the season!

Christmas season is upon us! Hard to believe only two more weeks until I’m on my way back to New Jersey, making a few pit stops in NYC, Greenwich, & DC before finally landing in Cincy for Christmas. Lots of fun to be had.

This photo from Things That Sparkle‘s blog is too perfect not to share.

We’ve been blasting the Christmas tunes non-stop around the house & watched Elf last night. I haven’t watched it all the way through in such a long time. I want Buddy the Elf to come decorate our house!

I love the all white & gold color scheme he has going on.

Do you like white lights like Buddy’s or colored lights like in the first photo? I’m a fan of white lights but growing up we always had two — one pretty tree & the other “kid’s tree” with colored lights & slightly tacky ornaments (that were obviously the best ones 😉 )



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