Spice Island.

Friday night we went to dinner at the Spice Island Beach Resort to celebrate Richard finishing midterms & to have one more date night before studying gets crazy again.

It was such a special evening & a gorgeous resort. Listening to the ocean while having a few beers together is literally my heaven…

The sun is completely gone by 6:15 here. We unfortunately missed the sunset but the view was still beautiful.

Beer of choice for the night. Piton is from St. Lucia. A frosted glass always makes it taste better.

Homemade banana chips were amazing at the bar.

This was just awesome. I think it’s pineapple? fruit of some sort, haha.

I guess it says something about me that I only took pictures of the happy hour & the dessert. The best parts 🙂 However, the roasted pumpkin soup & shrimp creole were delicious as well.

Had to try them all. Orange moose, chocolate cake, cinnamon cheesecake (my favorite) & mango tart.

Love that the gift shop name is Gatsby. Richard’s favorite book! I can’t believe they pushed the Great Gatsby opening until Summer 2013 – torture!

We then went to a Halloween party. The decorations were pretty amazing for what I was expecting in Grenada.



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