Wedding Wednesday

Tomorrow I head home for a short hiatus from Grenada (2 weeks) to accomplish some wedding planning. I also get to attend one of my high school girlfriend’s wedding on Saturday. I’m very excited to see everyone!

Dress + Flowers + Invitations + Photographer, ready set go!

Here is just a peek of some of my initial inspiration. I will be pretty vague as we plan because there has to be an element of surprise (and it will be more fun to share afterwards)! Style Me Pretty is my go to for wedding inspiration 🙂

I definitely want the guests to have a good time (and capture it)!

Amazing interiors can serve as wedding inspiration as well. The next few photos are at The Greenbrier Resort in West Virgina. I love the mint walls with gold accents. Check out the photos of this wedding at The Greenbrier – the rehearsal dinner is as stunning as the reception.

Nature is the best inspiration of all…




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