Alberto Pinto

I came across Alberto Pinto’s work after looking at a photo that one of my favorite bloggers, Kat Tanita, liked on Instagram.

Additional info on Alberto Pinto: After he studied at the “Ecole de Louvre” in Paris, he created a photography agency in New York specializing in decoration and interior design. During his shoots in Mexico, England, Italy & India he acquired his taste for design, the sense of volumes and the game of colors. All these elements became decisive for the rest of his career.

The Alberto Pinto agency is today an interior design and decoration office of 60 people whose domains of intervention cover not only the realization of private residences, office buildings, hotels, but also yachts or private jets.

I tend to be drawn towards classic interiors but below are a few modern and oriental designs. Equally as stunning!

All photos were taken from Alberto Pinto’s website.

Hope you enjoyed the inspiring interiors!




  1. LOVE your blog as well Ashley! Thanks for the mention 🙂

  2. Of course, Kat! always love reading your blog 🙂 Xo

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