Matchbook Magazine Checklists

Matchbook Magazine is an online lifestyle publication. It presents classics “shaken and stirred.” I look forward to reading their new issue every month! Read my favorites to follow post from back in February.

The Matchbook Girl…

If you consider yourself a “Matchbook Girl” (I do!) you will love these checklists.

My favorite right now is the 50 Classic Matchbook Girl Movies.

If you are thinking of settling down for a movie try a popcorn/M&M mix (or Goobers, Snowcaps, Reese’s pieces, etc. if they don’t have M&Ms). M&Ms or Reese’s pieces work best because they have a hard shell to keep the chocolate from melting everywhere.

We had it Friday night with Goobers for our movie night, a bit messy I will admit, but the salty/sweet mix never disappoints.

Enjoy your Sunday!



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