Blackberry Farm

In Grenada there are quite a few farm animals around… and when I say quite a few I mean they are everywhere. Some days this makes me day dream of going to a farm. The farm I would like to go to probably isn’t what first comes to mind when you think of a farm – it’s Blackberry Farm. Fancy Farm, please!

Blackberry Farm is in Tennessee on a 9,200-acre estate in the Great Smoky Mountains. It has some of the worldโ€™s finest wines, cuisine, fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking, cycling, sporting clay and mountain biking opportunities. There’s also an Aveda-Destination Spa, a series of annual cooking schools, culinary events & other world-renowned guest chefs and vintners (need I say more?) My parents have gone there a couple times and if you take a look at the place you’ll see why I dream of going.

The Barn

Suzanne Kasler has some beyond gorgeous photos I found on her website.

Love the party lights.

A wedding at Blackberry Farm

Are you dying yet? I am.

Some day… Richard, are you reading this? ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ll talk in 10 years.




  1. My parent’s favorite place! I’m dying to visit ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. […] talked about Blackberry Farm before {here} as it’s in my TOP places to visit someday. It’s in Walland, Tennessee in the Great […]

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