Anya Hindmarch

I had an epiphany yesterday. I’ve been carrying my Anya Hindmarch “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” as my “carry-all” bag since I’ve been in Grenada. This bag was huge in 2007 and sold out in record time in the US. Many celebs were carrying this to support We Are What We Do –  it’s goal was to urge people to forgo the use of plastic bags. It was designed by Anya Hindmarch and displays the “AH” bow logo. Anya is a London based high-end fashion designer.

I looked down at the logo, realized that MY soon to be initials are “AH” and probably got more excited than I should have. I have loved Anya Hindmarch since I went abroad to London my junior year and went to the store with my mom. The “Anyabucks Coffee” cups were too cute.

I ended up getting a little pouch while we were there to hold “bits and bobs” — it looked similar to the “girlie stuff” pouch.

I guess this means I’m destined to make a stop to the London store again soon! My new initials are telling me so 🙂

I have my eye on this cross body bag. Time to save my pennies.




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