10 Favorite Things From 2011

As we move into 2012, here is a look back into 2011. Included are trends I love, books I’ve read, places I’ve been & purchases I recommend. Enjoy!

1. Friendship bracelets. My favorite – Ettika.


I love this look and think you can make it work with even the classiest outfit. Stacking has become my latest obsession so I love including friendship bracelets into the mix.



2. Mindy Kaling’s Book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)”

You will laugh out loud, this book is hysterical! I read multiple passages out loud to my boyfriend because I couldn’t keep it to myself. She is one of the writers of the NBC series “The Office” and I am mildly obsessed with her after reading her book.


3. Curly Girl Design Calendar


I love the calendars from Curly Girl Design. I have the 2012 Mini Calendar.

Their messages are adorable, uplifting & girlie. They also have tons other products from cocktail napkins to journals.


4. Chambray shirt

I bought my chambray shirt from J. Crew and you will notice this trend everywhere right now. I absolutely love it. Below is an adorable outfit worn by my cousin on Thanksgiving. Go get yourself one, you’ll pair it with everything 🙂

J.Crew Selvedge Chambray shirt 


5. Monogram necklace

This trend is also everywhere. I got mine at Richter and Phillips in Cincinnati (highly recommended!) but you can also find them at almost any cute boutique in your city or town.

Source: both from this blog I love!

6. Bauble Bar


I just started using this website to find fun chunky statement necklaces and unique pieces. I got this frog bangle. Amphibian jewelry is fun to pair with simple outfits.


Get it here

7. Stationary from Lemonseed & co. 

I first got this stationary when I was in college because the business was started by an alum from DePauw!

I use the “This Week” calendar in my room to keep my weeks organized as well as at work. It’s fun way to add color to your desk. There are many ways to customize and make it your own!

Here is an example of what I use – mine is coral and lime with a monogram at the top instead of the butterfly and text.


8. The Surrey Hotel, NYC


I went to the Surrey in June for my birthday with my mom and had the most fabulous time. The roof top bar was unbelievable. I highly recommend it if you are looking to stay on the Upper East Side in NYC. Also – definitely take a trip to the spa 🙂 You won’t regret it!


The Surrey is also very close to one of the Olive & Bette’s locations – a must stop whenever I am in NYC! OBsessed with Olive & Bette’s.



9. The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Another book I read in 2011 that’s amazing. I finished it while I was in Michigan with my girlfriends. A few of us were reading it at the same time so it made it that much more enjoyable. Especially reading about the Terrible Awful!

I just watched the movie again the other night and even my boyfriend loved it. You is kind, you is smart, you is important. A must read, even if you’ve seen the movie 🙂


10. A quote to end 2011 and start 2012

I found this quote in my best friend’s aunt’s bathroom when we picked her up for a trip back to DePauw for the Monon Bell. It has wise words to live by and I hope to follow it for my 2012.

Here’s to a memorable 2012!