out of office.

Well I said 3 posts ago that I want to get back to blogging a couple times a week but we are currently in Harbour Island & I couldn't find the time to get posts drafted in advance {turns out getting a baby ready to be away for 2 weeks is quite the undertaking!!} BUT we did it. I'll definitely … [Read more...]

beauty favs.

Quick post today to share a few recent beauty favorites! Two are from Beautycounter - full disclosure: I wouldn't have tried these products if my sister wasn't a new consultant but I am SO thankful that she is because I'm obsessed with the ones I've tried so far. They are all made from non-toxic … [Read more...]

the merriest.

It was truly the Merriest Christmas yet with our sweet Harper's first Christmas & Baptism on Christmas Day. We were also so lucky to be able to share the holiday with both of our families this year. Richard's mom and brothers came to Cincy & we couldn't have asked for a better way to … [Read more...]


This week really flew by, I am shocked {& delighted} that it's already Friday! I have my last 2 weeks of maternity leave coming up {scheduled to sync with Richard's vacation schedule} and with all this snow I could not be more thrilled to be escaping to warmer temps. {image … [Read more...]

five months.

Yesterday marked 5 months with our sweet Harper! After a fabulous Christmas in Cincy & New Years back in Hoboken I'm going to get back to blogging, promise :) I have some adorable photos to share of my mom's pink Christmas party and Harper's baptism on Christmas day. For now here are a few … [Read more...]

baby it’s cold outside.

With a couple snowfalls in the past week we had to find a way to bundle up Miss Harper Paige -- EVERYONE has these 7AM Enfant bubble blankets in Hoboken. Hoboken families {or NYC / Chicago} are constantly walking around with strollers & are on the move with their bundles of joy... {as … [Read more...]

lace up sweaters.

Since I'm on a sweater kick {see Monday's personalized sweater post here!} I'm going to keep it going. I love the lace up sweater look & how it adds a little something to your typical casual sweater. Casual, comfy & cute is my jam these days so I wanted to share a few of my fav lace up … [Read more...]

joy to our world.

This Christmas season is truly the best yet & we have Miss Harper to thank for that! We count our blessings every single day for her shining light in our lives. Her smile is magic. Here are a few photos that I took for her 4 month photos! Time is really flying... Her bow top is … [Read more...]

lingua franca.

I came across these incredible cashmere sweaters by Lingua Franca and HAD to share... loving the 'Don't Believe The Hype' sweater from Public Enemy's 1988 hit song & Till the Break of Dawn The founder Rachelle Hruska MacPherson said she loves the juxtaposition of these raw hip hop lyrics and … [Read more...]

holiday attire.

I came across the most beautiful statement earrings last week {only $36 & 4 color options - I adore them in navy} and have been thinking about them ever since... perfect for a holiday party, don't you agree?! I love navy and black together - these paired with a simple black dress … [Read more...]